I must admit, I can’t give The Fantastic Hairdresser Salon Selection’s Volumising Shampoo a brilliant review. Even though the bottle says the product is enriched with avocado, passion flower and coconut oils I felt that it didn’t really provide a nice scent whatsoever. Furthermore, I didn’t find it to necessary ‘volumise’ my hair (by building body and thickness for up to 72 hours as mentioned on the product description); nevertheless, I can give it a general thumbs-up about leaving my hair feeling light, non-greasy and extremely clean. It was also very manageable to dry and style afterwards which is another plus.

I’ve decided that I will not be buying this product again, I think it’s okay and I would award it an average two to three star rating out of five but in my opinion I tend to prefer beautifully scented products, with a silkier cream texture as I find these particular hair care items to possess a higher quality of conditioning and nourishing properties – resulting in more sleek, shiny and lustrous results.

the fantastic hairdresser shampoo.