Review of Toni & Guy’s Sea Salt Texturising Spray by Miss T

Review of Toni & Guy’s Sea Salt Texturising Spray by Miss T

The Mission: Get beach hair in the winter – in urban London.

The Product Claim: “texture and body with light to medium hold […] and perfect for achieving a lived in, beach look”, with the option to use it in either towel-dried or dry hair. [1]

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray

Spray-on beach hair? Intrigued by the thought of having beachy waves in the winter without actually going to the beach, I had high hopes for Toni & Guy’s texturising sea salt spray. Even though my hair is naturally wavy, voluminous and has a tendency to look frizzy, I still hoped that the product would give me the structure and “controlled wave” my hair naturally lacks.

The spray comes in a pastel turquoise plastic bottle (available in 75 and 200 ml) and has a simple spray nozzle to release the product. Once sprayed into the hair, the product exhales a sweet and powdery scent, which – for my taste – develops into a quite heavy fragrance after a while. The spray as such is a clear liquid with a slightly sticky feel to it, and dries within minutes when sprayed into dry hair.

Ingredients-wise the texturiser offers a selection of more or less recommendable ingredients. As the sodium chloride (the “sea salt”) contained in the product helps to create structure, but dries the hair out at the same time, it’s nice to know that the combination of water and glycerin will support the hair to remain hydrated. Apart from that, the ingredients list contains a bunch of the usual suspects in terms of preservation: parabens and disodium EDTA. In general, probably not the best choice of ingredients.

And still, I was willing to give the texturiser a chance, decided to use it on my dry hair, and, as the nozzle did not release a lot of product, I sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed… Every now and then I tousled and kneaded the liquid into my hair, before I kept on spraying in order to apply the, what seemed like, right amount of product. Although I have used the texturiser just once, I have the feeling that, considering the length and structure of my hair, I wouldn’t get more than 4 uses out of the 75 ml sized version.

The Result: After letting the spray dry in my hair for a few minutes, I must admit that the result wasn’t as I had expected. The sea salt spray didn’t do much texturising work at all, and instead just coated my hair leaving it looking messy (not the fashionable messy though!), and feeling dull and sticky (someone pass me a brush, please!?). On top of that, the smell wouldn’t fade away and started to become overpowering.

Before using Toni & Guy's Sea Salt Spray

Before using Toni & Guy’s Sea Salt Spray

The result after using Toni & Guy's Sea Salt Spray

The result after using Toni & Guy’s Sea Salt Spray

All in all I have to accept that the Toni & Guy texturiser just doesn’t work for my type of hair, but could be great for those having naturally sleek hair that lacks body and structure.






2 out of 5

[1] Toni & Guy website.