Bulldog Natural Skincare – Original Moisturiser

Bulldog Natural Skincare – Original Moisturiser

Whether you’re male or female, I’m sure you will have heard of Bulldog Natural Skincare. Bulldog was founded in 2005 by Simon Duffy.  All products contain a unique blend of essential oils and plenty of other healthy natural ingredients. One of the best things about Bulldog, is the fact that anyone can use it. Bulldog Natural Skincare are approved by the Vegetarian Society in the UK and all of their products are vegan and vegetarian friendly; the range of male grooming products is even certified Cruelty Free.

Male skincare is the main attention when it comes to this brand. It targets specific issues for male skin, be it pH balance, dry skin or oiliness. It’s rare to find products which focus exclusively on male skin, even rarer for them to be natural or organic as well. Whilst some experts might say there’s no need for men to use different products to women, I’m happy to say I’ve found a man’s moisturiser that’s just right for me.

First things first, the packaging. Simple, yet perfect. Bulldog doesn’t go for an extravagant or over the top look. As a man myself, I care far more about the quality of the product, rather than the design of it. The product worked great for my skin. Bulldog quickly became a part of my morning ritual, ensuring my face was feeling happy every morning. It wasn’t one of those moisturisers that left your skin feeling damp and oily, quite the opposite.

After every use of this moisturiser my skin felt revitalised and refreshed; I didn’t feel clogged down by artificial ingredients. The only thing I could complain about was there wasn’t enough product in one bottle! I must admit however, although there wasn’t a great amount, it did go a very long way; lasting me over two months. Which is incredible when you consider the price – just £6 for 100ml!

Recommend it? Of course I would, it’s great. Especially when it comes down to the fact that there aren’t that many natural products just for men. When a product works so great for you, why leave it? If you want a product that doesn’t clog down your face and one that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, then Bulldog is just for you. A straightforward skincare brand, and an all-around good product.

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