5 Tips for Pinterest

5 Tips for Pinterest

5 Tips for Pinterest

Are you looking for the best way to market yourself and your business on Pinterest? Do you need help with attracting new followers? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With our help, there’s no doubt that your Pinterest account will be successful. Here are our top five tips for Pinterest perfection!

  1. Key Information

People love seeing a sense of professionalism, even if it’s in the most basic form. Our top tip for Pinterest is to ensure that your account is filled with information. For example in the bio, ensure that it’s filled out to the best of your ability; nobody likes seeing a page that is missing information or has numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes. People want to know what your page is, and what it’s offering, so make sure you’re telling your audience and putting yourself in the spotlight.

  1. Visuals

The best and most effective aspect on Pinterest is the content. Pinterest relies heavily on visual images, and people will always be able to find the things they love. Our main tip here is to be very picky of what image represents your board, and what image you use for each pin. The first thing that attracts the viewer is the image. Creating infographs is a great example, as it has the information to feed the viewer, and also has the visuals to keep them locked in.


  1. Follow, follow and keep following

Pinterest isn’t like Twitter or Instagram, people are willing to follow back, even if you haven’t got anything in common. Our tip is to ensure that one of your priorities is to follow a mass amount of people on a regular basis. However, this only applies if you’re aiming to get a mass amount of followers. From my personal experience with Pinterest, I managed to nearly double the amount of followers I had in a matter of a week. I simply did this, by going through followers of followers and just following as I went along. Gaining followers on Pinterest is nowhere near as challenging as it is on other social media websites. In other words, people are friendlier on Pinterest.

  1. Board Creations

Creating boards is another key aspect that is within the heart of Pinterest. Boards are what really highlight your account. We recommend creating 4 boards a week, ensuring that the “about” section is always filled up. As well as this, fitting your board into a category will also make a substantial difference, as people who have a particular interest in the category you choose will more be likely to follow along. You should also put personal research into what the most browsed categories on Pinterest are, as this could alter the type of Boards you create.

  1. Board Commitment

Creating a Pinterest board carries a lot of commitment; you can’t just create it and leave it to fend for itself. Supplying boards with their daily dose of Pins can accumulate a lot of interest from your audience. Ensure that your boards are constantly being supplied with Pins, and that no board is left to suffer a pin drought. When viewers see that your account is full of boards with 10+ Pins on each one, people will be more intrigued and more willing after seeing what you post, and showing that your active.


If you follow these simple 5 tips, your Pinterest account will be well on its way to success. Have you got any top tips for Pinterest that we’ve missed off? We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions about our services and skills, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! .

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