Terranova – Recommended by Bodyfit

Terranova – Recommended by Bodyfit


Terranova Omega Three Oil is great mixed with sharp juice or drizzled over a bowl of natural yoghurt in the morning. The elixir is super at boosting your health and skin from within with it’s huge dose of fatty omega three from organic flax, hemp, olive, borage, rice bran and sea buckthorn fruit and seed oils.



FOM London and Terranova Featured in What Doctors Don’t Tell You Health Shopping Pages

FOM London and Terranova Featured in What Doctors Don’t Tell You Health Shopping Pages

The hair reviver – Packed with plant oils, this gorgeous smelling hair serum is the natural answer to parched locks. Star ingredients include Buriti Oil to strengthen and smooth, passionflower oil to encourage growth, and jojoba oil to add shine and softness. Extremely versatile, you can use it as an intensive prewash treatment or as a styling aid, or simply add a couple of drop to your regular shampoo or conditioner.”

The hay fever helper – If hay fever’s making your summer a misery, try this special formulation from acclaimed supplement brand Terranova – one of only a few companies in Europe to completely avoid the use of fillers, binders and other inactive additives in supplements. Containing the best antihistamines and anti-inflammatories Nature has to offer, including quercetin, nettle, bromelain and vitamin C – all backed by scientific evidence – these capsules could help beat classic smptoms like a runny nose, itchy throat and watery eyes.”



Terranova Featured in Health & Fitness Magazine

Terranova Featured in Health & Fitness Magazine

We first met leading nutritionist and chef Christine Bailey, founder of Advance Nutrition at our Sensational Superfoods day almost a year ago, which we held in The Room with a View at Whole Foods Kensington. We were showcasing several of our health brands we work with including Terranova, Amazing Grass and Nutiva, and we were honoured to have the formidable Stephen Terrass join us for the afternoon! To hear him speak about his products fired us up with even more passion for the brand (we didn’t think this was possible!)

Christine is the go to for many health brands in the industry, and she definitely knows her onions, as well as chia seeds, hemp protein and coconut oil, when it comes to nutrition. Her dedication to the gospel of health is boundless, and for this we hold a lot of respect for her. Needless to say we were delighted when an email popped into our inbox with her article entitled “Are Your Supplements Working?”

Health & Fitness Supplements Terranova

Fortunately, Christine was recommending Terranova Products in the section about Multivitamins as products that work! She gave a thumbs up to Terranova Full Spectrum Multivitamin Complex and Life Drink. These both get our thumbs up too! Rebecca recently started taking the Full Spectrum Multivitamin (for a change from Life Drink) and was astonished to read the %RDA  for the B vits –

2 capsules typically provides –

1818% RDA B1

1429% RDA B2

125% RDA B3 (Niacin)

1786% RDA B6

2000% RDA B12

What an abundance of those brill B-Vits! To find out more about the synergy in Terranova’s formulas click here


Unveiling Terranova’s New Website

Unveiling Terranova’s New Website

We’re delighted to unveil our first web project (other than our own!) in the natural products industry. We’ve built for plenty of clients on web development projects outside of the beauty and health arena, but this is our first foray inside it!

Drum roll please……

Fanfare here we go……

Ta da!

Terranova Health Website Synergistic Nutrition

Terranova’s brand new website can be found at terranovahealth.com

We believe the website encapsulates exactly the Terranova core values – clean, concise and no-nonsense. Not to mention elegant, chic and modern, much like the clientele of Terranova!

If you’re looking for some web development work, whether on an existing website or a brand spanking new one with all the singing, dancing bells and whistles, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team today. Call 0203 651 7360 or email hi@rebeccagoodyear.com  to organise an initial consultation. Interested to see other sites we’ve worked on? Again just drop us a line!.