Press Release: City, Country, Mountains, Winter Sun  Don’t Forget Your SPF in Winter

Press Release: City, Country, Mountains, Winter Sun Don’t Forget Your SPF in Winter

Just because it’s not so hot at home, doesn’t mean we should do away with sun protection. Green Energy Organics’ sun care not only protects from UVA and UVB rays, but helps to anti-age the skin, thanks to its unique plant stem cell complex. So whether you’re staying at home this winter, off on winter pursuits or chasing some winter sun, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Le Rituel Solaire Suncare by Green Energy Organics

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Protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays with organic suncare and sunscreen products from Green Energy Organics. Le Ritual Solaire is a natural sunscreen from Milan that gently moisturises and helps to prevent age spots. Product benefits –

  1. Sun Protection This uniquely active anti-ageing sun care allows you to develop a radiant, long lasting tan with less sun exposure. This innovative formulation provides a reinforced sun protection (UVB/UVA filters), and protects against dehydration.
  2. Anti-Age Combining powerfully rejuvenating organic plant stem cells, with extraordinarily rich anti-ageing defence compounds, ensuring you enjoy safe sunbathing whilst regaining or retaining the qualities of youthful skin. A powerful combination of organic plant stem cells of buckthorn, green tea, red currant, marjoram, along with sweet almond oil, shea butter and black currant fruit extract and sun protection minerals, resulting in a reliable and truly unique anti-ageing sun care range.
  3. Easy to Use Use a higher UVB/UVA product during the first few days of sun exposure. Apply frequently to promote a longer-lasting tan and improve skin texture. After sunbathing, apply Anti-Ageing After Sun for extra moisturisation and re-hydration of the skin.

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NEW Anti Ageing Sun Cream SPF15 150ml RRP £ 14.95

A prodigious and revolutionary “active” speciality, which combats skin ageing on all fronts. Combine the vital rejuvenating power of organic plant stem cells, extraordinary rich of ultimate organics anti ageing molecular defence to regain the qualities of youthful skin in four astonishing complementary actions. Non-oily, moisturising, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.









Anti Ageing Sun Cream SPF30 150ml RRP £ 14.95

This SPF 30 sunscreen retains moisture and protects the skin from sunburn. Prevents the appearance of age spots. Recommended for all skin types, even the most sensitive.



Baby & Toddler Sun Cream SPF50  150ml RRP £12.95

This SPF 50 sun lotion retains moisture and protects skin of all ages from sunburn. Tested by dermatologists and pediatricians. For all skin types, even the most sensitive.




Anti Ageing After Sun 150ml RRP £14.95

This gentle moisturiser prolongs your suntan, helps restore moisture, prevents premature ageing of the skin and the appearance of age spots after sun exposure. Absorbent; no need for product removal or rinsing.



Available from www.millabaci.com £12.95 – £14.95