Review: A Great Team – How Nutrabiotics & Nadeballa Helped Me to Calm My Skin (by Taylor)

Review: A Great Team – How Nutrabiotics & Nadeballa Helped Me to Calm My Skin (by Taylor)

As I enter my early twenties I have recently grown more of an interest in what I put in my body and what I put on my skin. I’ve realised these two concepts are of equal importance, and it’s time for me to do my research and look into brands that will be good for my skin down the road. It was with this idea in mind that I began using the Nadeballa Night Replenishing Cream. This cream used through 4 generations of the Nadeballa women is mostly natural (bar a gentle preservative), and usually for more mature skin but it has been the perfect night cream for me. Prior to Nadeballa I was using the same lotion at night and in the morning before my makeup, but the intense moisture that I receive at night from using this cream now has been quite the treat.

In the past I shied away from heavy moisturisers because I have oily skin, but with much reluctance I have realised that even oily skinned girls like myself need to moisturise. In fact a good moisturiser can even balance your natural oils and decrease the shiny face look that I struggle with. The cream has done this for me as well as smoothed some of those early fine lines I have convinced myself I see on my forehead.

The Nadeballa Night Replenishing Cream is the perfect way to end my day. I love the luxurious almost balm like texture and the fresh citrus scent is very pleasing to the senses. I would recommend this or any of the other Nadeballa products to anyone who wishes to revamp their moisturising routine or to simply indulge a little.

In combination with my Nadeballa cream I started using Nutrabiotics Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement. I normally take a supplement of this sort in the States, where I permanently reside, but I failed to pick one up before traveling to the UK. Upon arrival my skin and hair revolted against me and my normal routine was failing me. In came Nutrabiotics and their high in Biotin product for healthy hair, skin, and nails. The supplement has been the perfect addition to my new and existing beauty routine..