Review: Nadeballa Rich Night Replenishing Cream (by Miss T)

Review: Nadeballa Rich Night Replenishing Cream (by Miss T)

While my head and heart loved the idea of coming to the UK to temporarily experience the exciting life of a Faux Londoner, my skin absolutely disliked the sudden change to being exposed to ever-changing weathers, serious pollution (probably TMI, but how scary is that black dust in the nostrils at the end of the day?!) and, last but not least, the British tap water.

My skin has always been rather dry and sensitive, which is why moisturisers have to meet a long list of criteria before I will let them anywhere near my skin. Mainly for this reason and the fear of having bad skin reactions, I rarely try out new products (“Never change a winning team”). For the last couple of months I have been struggling with regular breakouts and random dry spots in the most random places on my skin. As I was not able to get my skin under control, I changed back and forth between being annoyed and desperate.

And then along came Nadeballa. Very intrigued by the pure and natural formula and the positive reviews of their face creams, I was excited to try their creams myself. In the hope that it would eliminate the dry spots on my face, I decided to put their Rich Night Replenishing Cream to the test.

What Nadeballa say about this product:

“The original recipe as it was created by Dina. Can be used by all, but most suitable for use in harsh conditions, like extreme heat or cold. Or for more mature skin that needs a more intensive daily skin care. Provides a high dose of hydration and nourishment at night when your skin can absorb all the ingredients whilst it is replenishing itself.” 

* * * *

The packaging:

The cream comes in a white plastic pod with a screw-on lid. Admittedly, cream pods are not my favourite kind of packaging as you either need a cosmetic spatula or cotton buds to take product out of it. But word on the street is that Nadeballa are working on a new, refillable product packaging.

The cream:

Containing only 9 (!) natural ingredients, including sweet almond oil, avocado oil, beeswax and citrus fruit, the cream offers a simple yet nutritious formula. Based on its natural ingredients, the cream has a pastel yellow colour and a very gentle, citrus-like smell. In fact, its smell makes me walk down memory lane as it reminds me of a propolis cream my parents would buy at a beekeeper’s stand at our local farmers’ market when I was a little girl. The consistency of the cream is a mixture of firm and soft and turns oily once it comes in contact with body warmth.

My experience:

I have been using the Rich Night Replenishing Cream for about 4 weeks now and all I can say is:  I am impressed! Every night after I have removed my eye makeup and cleansed my face (with hamam olive soap), I massage about a pea-sized (a big pea, though) amount of cream into my skin. The cream soaks in very quickly and leaves the skin feeling relaxed, nourished and plump. So far, it has not helped me fight my skin’s breakouts but has definitely improved its overall appearance and eliminated the random dry spots on my face after the first use! Also, even though I specifically use the cream at night, I could well use it as a day cream without looking like an oil slick – mainly because my dry skin is more than happy about this good portion of moisture.

Although a little of the cream goes a very long way, especially as it melts with the warmth of the hands, I have already gone through half of my 15ml pod by week 4. I blame it on my dry and greedy skin, which absorbs the cream like a sponge. Since dividing the amount of cream used in half did not work out – it made the act of spreading the cream rather difficult – I will have to stick to my big-pea-sized cream blob.

Oh, and on another note: Being in my mid-twenties, I actually do not spend too much time thinking about wrinkles or using anti-ageing products. Until now. Since I have been using the night cream, my “thinking and astonishment wrinkle”, a horizontal line on my forehead, looks thinner and  less deep. Again: I am impressed!