How to Get More Bang for Your Marketing Buck Part 3: Print Advertising

How to Get More Bang for Your Marketing Buck Part 3: Print Advertising

Print advertising still has a valid place in a marketing strategy, and it still has that prestige in the eyes of your competitor. There’s no denying, seeing an ad that you have worked on in print is so satisfying!

If we’re thinking about marketing touchpoints and advertising in magazines, it makes sense to engage with the publication’s audience elsewhere: events, social media and emails for instance.

When it comes to print advertising, here are our top 3 tips:

  1. Never book one-off inserts. Identify a core range of magazines that you would like to work with and arrange a meeting with each of them. Think about the magazine’s target audience, how you will market your product to them, why your product is relevant to them and why they need your product. Pay attention to the circulation and readership figures, but also whereabouts these magazines are sold and distributed.
  2. Negotiate. Find out what these titles can offer you in terms of not just the best price but also added value. Make it clear that you are looking to build a long-standing relationship with them and if you sign up front for the year they will be more flexible with both price and that added value. Added value can look like editorial mentions, interviews, reviews, competition slots, reader offers, social media, email mentions and discount on event spaces.
  3. Create the best ad you can. When it comes to your masterpiece, if you can’t afford the input of an agency or a freelancer, look back to our guidelines of how to be a better marketer and go forth and create along these lines. Don’t be afraid to ask family, friends or even your customers what they think of your concepts prior to finalising and placing. Even ask people you respect in the industry for their advice, we’re a friendly bunch on the whole!

And one thing to never do: don’t go for the classifieds sections in the glossies. Ever. Regardless of how good a deal it seems and the amazing reach of the title. I’ve never heard of one natural beauty or health brand having any success from these, even in the mags with hundreds of thousands of readers. Even with a very appealing CTA. No just don’t do it as to conclude, it would seem nobody reads the classifieds!

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