Intern-al Affairs: Optibac Probiotics Launch

Intern-al Affairs: Optibac Probiotics Launch

Back in October, I was fortunate enough to join Rebecca at the Optibac Probiotics for Women launch, discovering a lot about this unique product and intimate health.

The morning began with drafting a couple of blog posts, followed by getting back to work on JASON’s Pinterest presence. To complement the #LoveYourLocks campaign, we created a dedicated #LoveYourLocks board filled with the images designed by Rebecca and graphic designer Marta. You can see the JASON #loveyourlocks board on our Pinterest account here.

In the afternoon, we headed to the Optibac Probiotics for Women launch event at the Nutri Centre Park Crescent. It was my first time visiting the centre and so also a chance to see RGPR’s brands in situ in a smaller distribution outlet. The bookshop has an extensive collection of texts on nutrition and holistic therapies, so I’ll definitely also be checking it out when I return.

The event began with a personal diet consultation with nutritional therapist Cristina. The verdict: Drink more water and eat more leafy greens  – although it was also good to hear that I didn’t seem to need any supplements. Although Cristina’s advice didn’t surprise me too much, the consultation was particularly useful in helping you to confront bad dietary habits and pinpoint the causes of energy crashes and food cravings. Interestingly cravings for chocolate can actually signify a lack of magnesium – which means you need to include more spinach in your diet (rather than dark chocolate, unfortunately!)

The launch itself was very informative – Optibac had produced a great infographic which succinctly collated advice on preventing cystitis and promoting intimate health. It’s also really encouraging that more people are discussing women’s intimate health, which will hopefully result in better education and prevention.