Jennifer Young Facial Review, by Talena

Jennifer Young Facial Review, by Talena


What an exciting and relaxing start to the weekend! Having been invited by Jennifer Young to model for her Defiant Beauty facials at the LOC (London Oncology Clinic) two weeks ago, I excitedly hit the tube in the morning and was given a very warm welcome by Jennifer and her team when I arrived at Harley Street.

             “Watching someone getting a facial is as relaxing as getting one yourself!” – JY

When I entered the consulting room, Audrey, who was also invited as a facial model, was visibly enjoying the products Jennifer massaged onto her sensitive skin by using her magical-seeming signature moves and pressure points technique on Audrey’s face and scalp. Meanwhile, the other two beauty experts Antonia and Rosie, and I were also enjoying this surely relaxing sight as Jennifer led us through the different steps of the facial.

And then it was my turn. As Jennifer taught the LOC beauty experts the benefits of her products and the procedure of her facials, I was given a treatment by Antonia who practiced the facial on me by using the Defiant Beauty skincare range.

To commence the facial, Antonia used the gentle Cleansing Balm to prep my skin for the steps that should follow. After this, she massaged the Serum onto my face and neckline while copying Jennifer’s expert signature moves and applying the perfect amount of pressure to points located all around the mouth, nose, and eyes, on the scalp, the ears, neck and shoulders. So relaxing! (Note to myself: Need to pamper myself more when applying skincare products!) Following the relaxing massage and slowly coming to an end, a couple of spritzes of the Defiant Beauty Spritz gently covered my face like dew on a spring morning and left a cooling and refreshing sensation on my skin – and was even a welcome refreshment for all others present.

All in all, the facial made me completely unwind and for a second I even forgot that busy and noisy London Town was calling through the open window. When I walked back to the tube station to head homewards, I felt and looked so well rested that for the next days I shone bright like a diamond.

Jennifer Young’s Defiant Beauty products definitely impressed me! Not only have they left my skin glowing and relaxed, they also made me realise that the right skincare is important for everyone. Besides, skincare is an important contribution to the healing process of cancer patients and to making them feel comfortable in their skin again. Thank you so much for the lovely facial treatment experience and giving me an insight into your important work, Jennifer!

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