Putting Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps to the Test: Make-up Brush Cleanser

Putting Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps to the Test: Make-up Brush Cleanser

With its unique “All-One” philosophy, Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps offer you 18-in-1 uses. And still, as if having an all-purpose cleaner for face, body, and your home would not be enough, many Dr Bronner’s fans all around the world come up with their own ideas of how to further use the brand’s soaps. One of the many great uses that has recently proven quite popular in the beauty community is turning the Magic Soaps into make-up brush cleansers. Very curious about the results, I gave it try myself and ran my make-up brushes a Dr Bronner’s bath.

The Test-Takers:

  • 2 eye make-up brushes (1 made of synthetic, 1 made of a blend of goat hair and synthetic bristles)
  • 1 concealer brush (synthetic bristles)
  • 1 blush/ contour brush (synthetic bristles)

I have mainly used my brushes to apply powder products, such as eyeshadows and blushes. Merely the small concealer brush has been used with creamy textures. Hence, with regard to the products Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap had to deal with, I think I have created an ideal basis to start from.

To begin with, I used lukewarm water to make my brushes damp and prepare them for the “lathering” that should follow. After that, I poured 2-3 droplets of the Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid Soap (a tiny, tiny bit goes a long way!) into the palm of my hand and started swirling each brush until the soap formed a soft and gentle foam. Soon, the foam would change its colour from white to beige and light pink, respectively, and show its cleansing powers. So far, so good. Following this, I rinsed my brushes under clear, lukewarm water and made sure that no soap would remain in the bristles.

Shaping and laying the brushes out carefully to let them air dry, I could already tell that Dr Bronner’s has done a really good job. The bristles were squeaky clean and I could not detect any coloured spots in the bristles that would indicate remains of make-up products. Once they were dried, I was more than happy with the result:

The dry and freshly cleaned brushes confirmed my first impression. Plus, in comparison to many other products especially made for deep cleansing make-up brushes, the liquid soap left the bristles feeling soft and flexible. However, there is still one point I am rather displeased with: While my synthetic make-up brushes look “So Fresh and So Clean, Clean…”, my eyeshadow brush made of a blend of real and synthetic hair seems to have suffered from the soapy treatment. It looked more tousled and a bit out of shape.

In general, I am surprised how well Dr Bronner’s liquid soap works for deep cleansing make-up brushes. From now on, I will definitely use the Baby Mild soap to clean my brushes.

Dr Bronner As Seen In Guernsey’s Style Magazine

Dr Bronner As Seen In Guernsey’s Style Magazine


”Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap is a cult product and a personal favourite. The Unscented Baby Mild Castile Soap is great for kids but with it’s no nonsense packaging and gentle formula anyone would be happy to lather up with it in the shower. The Peppermint version is a great pick-me-up; as is the Citrus Orange.”