Intern-al Affairs: Lush and The Body Shop Beauty Bloggers Event

Intern-al Affairs: Lush and The Body Shop Beauty Bloggers Event

Before Christmas I was lucky enough to join Rebecca for a pampering-filled evening with other Beauty Bloggers in conjunction with Lush and the Body Shop. As somebody who was previously a little hesitant about trying out the numerous DIY beauty recipes on social media, this event most definitely showed me that half the fun is in the making of these natural beauty goodies!

It was business as usual for the first part of the day, during which I collated some press releases from Unbeelievable Health to create content for a series of blog posts focusing on their Bee-Prepared immunity supplement. During this, the coldest month of the year, our immune systems are inevitably left more vulnerable to the dreaded winter cold. The series explores a variety of the factors that impact on immunity and  how low immunity may even be the precursor to conditions like depression – definitely thought provoking!

After a slight detour around Victoria, Rebecca and I arrived at Lush for the first part of the evening. On walking into this cosmetic cavern  you are hit with a kaleidoscope of colours and fragrances. Whilst waiting for other bloggers to arrive I was drawn to gigantic toadstool-shaped soap block and another with an utterly irresistible aroma of coffee and crème brulee.


The fabulous Toadstool Soap


Next came a demonstration of the part I had really been looking forward to – the chance to (literally) get our hands dirty making a Lush bath bomb. As ever, the demonstration – scoop, sprinkle salt and twist – made the whole process appear much easier than it looked!


Making the Bath Bombs



Although unfortunately my bomb did explode in my goody bag in a riot of mint and chocolate on the way home, it still performed brilliantly during a luxurious soak!


Next we headed to the Body Shop for a couple of mini-makeovers and to find out a little more about their new range of vegan Colour Crush Nail Polish. I loved the eye-catching yet very wearable greens of Minty Cream and Minty Amour, so will definitely be trying these out.


Both Lush and the Body Shop were kind enough to allow us to try out some of their products. As somebody who is not a fan of greasy creams, yet has permanently dry hands during the winter months I have fallen in love with Lush’s Solid Serum. The bar melts on contact with the skin and its heat meaning the serum is rapidly absorbed. It also had a gorgeous fragrance. Despite perhaps not being the target market for The Body Shop’s anti-aging Nutriganics range, I really enjoyed trying it out. The Cleanser and Toner in particular left my skin feeling smooth and deeply refreshed..