Party Nail Perfection – HJ Manicure Christmas Nail Polish Launch

Party Nail Perfection – HJ Manicure Christmas Nail Polish Launch


One of the most perfect gifts/stocking fillers you can get a girl is nail polish! And whether she likes pink and pastel colours or instead prefers much darker and edgier shades, you really can’t go wrong with HJ Manicures. These Cruelty Free and Vegan Friendly 15ml polishes come in a core range of 16 vivid colours that are suitable all year long for every type of occasion. Best of all they are easy to apply, quick drying, long lasting & a have professional quality formula

HJ Manicure are religiously following all the latest trends and they are now proud to announce the launch of their Christmas Collection! These four new colour additions are shimmery and simply perfection for the Autumn/Winter seasons – just because the long dark nights are drawing in, it doesn’t mean we have to dull our nails down too!

Alpine Green & Midnight Sky are stunning dark green/blue colours and extremely unique, as shimmers in these particular colours aren’t as easy to find as you think!

Vintage Bronze will make a great Festive shade over the Christmas period and could be used in nail art designs with the red and green tones. (It’s a super creative tip!)

Pink Champagne is a soft/baby pink shade. In fact, this particular colour hue has been popular at some of the recent fashion shows (such as the Ashish AW14 show.) This shade is set to be a popular one and ideal for all you girly-girls out there!

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