Press Release: Fragrances from Green Energy Organics – Christmas Gift Ideas

Press Release: Fragrances from Green Energy Organics – Christmas Gift Ideas

Green Energy Organics Eau Ecolo Natural Organic Fragrance

Women’s Organic Perfumes

Eau Ecolo by Green Energy Organics

£13.95 from www.millabaci.com


Eau Ecolo is a wonderful collection of natural eau de toilette fragrances based upon the ancient sensory beauty of the Mediterranean. This elegant range is based upon a collection of wild flowers with the bright notes of iris intertwined with green tea, where wild poppies are fused with ginger, and where the effervescent atmosphere of spring daffodils joins with the blooming of violets, along with delicate hints of corn flower and orchids. A collection of fragrances that evokes both passion, and the innocence of summer holidays.




Green Tea  & Ginger – A versatile fragrance, which blends the classical pristine freshness of lemon leaves with the youthful and sparkling tones of green tea and ginger





Harvest of Wild Cornflowers – Close your eyes and imagine a deliciously mellow blend of delicate cornflowers.






Harvest of Wild Orchids – This luxurious fragrance wraps the skin in the captivating scent of sensuous orchid and pure sandalwood.





Harvest of Wild Roses – An irresistibly classic fragrance of wild roses evoking the essence of desire and promise.






Harvest of Wild Violets – A timeless fragrance communicating classic elegance.






Sensual Vanilla – Opening with a gentle note of Angelica this sensual vanilla fragrance provides a soft and dry elegance.






Homme — For Men – A wonderfully classical fragrance that cannot be resisted, with warm cypress and sandalwood. Java patchouli notes provide a discreet sensuality.





Harvest of Wild Iris – The perfect signature bouquet of wild irises. A sophisticated fragrance evoking the intensity of an Italian sunny day.



Available from £13.95 from www.millabaci.com

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