Eat Clean For Your Skin This Spring

Eat Clean For Your Skin This Spring

Are you wondering about the best way to maintain the gorgeous skin you have worked so hard to keep throughout the harsh winter months? An adequate beauty regimen is necessary to protect your skin from the outside; however it is also important to protect your skin from the inside as well to provide the best possible care this spring. Continue reading to find out the best foods to eat to provide you with whatever vitamin and nutrients you may be lacking.

Spring Fruits– Strawberries, apricots, are perfect examples of spring fruit and vegetables. Rich in vitamin c and salicylic acid, strawberries have great skin cleansing properties. Salicylic acid removes dead cells from the face while tightening the pores, leaving you with clearer skin. Apricots help maintain the skins elasticity and suppleness due to its high amounts of vitamin A, it can help rebuild tissues that would have been damaged during the harsh winter months.

Spring vegetables– Did you know that by just eating three artichokes a day in any form may neutralise the effects of damaging free radicals by up to 60%? High in antioxidants, this makes artichokes the perfect super vegetable to help smooth your transition from winter to spring due to its ability to nourish the cells and further promote skin luminosity. Just make sure you stand downwind….

Similar to artichokes, rhubarb is also high is free radicals fighting antioxidants. It also contains a high amount of lutein; a compound that has many health benefits for the skin and eyes. Artichokes and rhubarb are only two great examples of spring vegetables that are best eaten this season!

Wholegrain– There’s no denying that wholegrain packs more of a health punch than its white (refined) counterpart. Wholegrain is unprocessed which means it retains the nutrients and vitamins that is lost during the processing of refined foods. Wheat germ provides a rich amount of B-Vitamin biotin. A lack of biotin in your body can cause your skin to become dry again like in the winter months. Switching to wholegrain this spring can promote a healthier complexion and also decrease your chances of an insulin spike (usually caused by a high sugar diet), thus reducing your chances of acne.

Peppermint tea– Peppermint tea comes highly recommended for boosting dull skin and for reducing bloating and gas- perfect for getting rid of that winter bulge! Peppermint tea is also excellent for treating oily skin, consequently decreasing the appearance of acne by preventing the skin from clogging and discouraging the growth of acne causing bacteria. By balancing your hormones, peppermint tea prevents the hormonal imbalance that is known to trigger acne breakouts leaving you with oil free flawless skin.

Water– This never stops! Regularly drinking water is the best way to keep your skin as supple and clear as possible. With winter over, it is important to increase your intake of water as the weather gets warmer. The skin is an organ, and like other organs it the cells are predominately made up of water. If the water that is lost throughout the day is not replenished, the skin would more than likely end up dry, dull and flaky which can lead to more wrinkles and fine lines appearing. To maintain that youthful appearance, be sure to remember to drink up to eight glasses of water a day..