Terranova Featured in Health & Fitness Magazine

Terranova Featured in Health & Fitness Magazine

We first met leading nutritionist and chef Christine Bailey, founder of Advance Nutrition at our Sensational Superfoods day almost a year ago, which we held in The Room with a View at Whole Foods Kensington. We were showcasing several of our health brands we work with including Terranova, Amazing Grass and Nutiva, and we were honoured to have the formidable Stephen Terrass join us for the afternoon! To hear him speak about his products fired us up with even more passion for the brand (we didn’t think this was possible!)

Christine is the go to for many health brands in the industry, and she definitely knows her onions, as well as chia seeds, hemp protein and coconut oil, when it comes to nutrition. Her dedication to the gospel of health is boundless, and for this we hold a lot of respect for her. Needless to say we were delighted when an email popped into our inbox with her article entitled “Are Your Supplements Working?”

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Fortunately, Christine was recommending Terranova Products in the section about Multivitamins as products that work! She gave a thumbs up to Terranova Full Spectrum Multivitamin Complex and Life Drink. These both get our thumbs up too! Rebecca recently started taking the Full Spectrum Multivitamin (for a change from Life Drink) and was astonished to read the %RDA  for the B vits –

2 capsules typically provides –

1818% RDA B1

1429% RDA B2

125% RDA B3 (Niacin)

1786% RDA B6

2000% RDA B12

What an abundance of those brill B-Vits! To find out more about the synergy in Terranova’s formulas click here