New Client Announcement: Saach Organics

New Client Announcement: Saach Organics

“Ayurveda” combines the Sanskrit words ayur (life) and veda (science and technology) and can be taken to mean “life-knowledge”. Ayurvedic medicine, as practised in India, is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world, dating back over 5000 years. Saach Organics follow the practices of Ayurveda and believe in natural healing through natural products. All of Saach Organics’ ingredients and herbs are grown and harvested according to Ayurveda traditions. The market is saturated with many hair and body products that claim to do many things. Many are chemical based and offer short term solutions.

“Saach” means “truth” in Punjabi, and the name was chosen to represent the purity and the quality of organic ingredients used. The truth is, the ingredients have been carefully selected and formulated to create these Ayurvedic products which are just what your skin and hair need for good health.

Saach Organics have taken many components of Ayurveda and natural beauty treatments of India and brought them to the Western market. They have thoroughly researched and tested the combinations and strengths of ingredients used in these formulas and the beauty benefits have been documented through the annals of time.

In a short space of time, Saach Organics has already gone on to win several awards – in The Green Parent Awards the range scooped three – Hair Strengthening Shampoo won Best Buy; Indian Gooseberry, Cotton Seed & Almond Oil Herbal Hair Oil picked up silver, and Mint & Rosemary Cleansing & Refreshing Shower Gel was a finalist in the Beauty Shortlist Awards.


Hair Powders

Natural Hair Colours available in Soft Black, Mahogany, Burgundy, Brown Natural 75g £8.95 The first semi–permanent hair colour treatment that lasts. This natural colourant balances and nourishes each and every hair, prevents breakage and over-drying, leaving hair thick, lustrous and naturally healthy.

Complete Hair Management Herbal Hair Powder 75g £10.95 A revolutionary Ayurvedic formula that strengthens and conditions hair, controls hair loss, prevents premature greying of hair and provides dandruff control.

Natural Hair Colour & Treatment Herbal Henna Powder 75g £8.95 A revolutionary Ayurvedic Henna hair powder that give natural colours whilst conditioning and strengthening hair and scalp, and prevents dandruff and hair loss.

Hair Care Products

Basil, Hibiscus & Peppermint Hair Strengthening Shampoo 200ml £10.95 Basil and Hibiscus extracts effectively clean and nourish the hair from the root to the tip whilst Peppermint Oil increases blood circulation in this Strengthening Ayurvedic Shampoo.

Tea Tree, Rosemary & Lemon Dandruff Control Shampoo 200ml £10.95 A breakthrough anti-dandruff formula that strengthens hair roots, and fights dandruff with Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary Oil and relieves irritated scalps with Lemon Extract.

Henna & Orange Oil Colour Protect Shampoo 200ml £10.95 Protect coloured hair withthis Ayurvedic combination of Henna and Orange Oil to restore and revitalise both hair and colour.

Green Tea, Chamomile, Cinnamon & Olive Oil Damage Repair Shampoo 200ml £10.95 This Ayurvedic formula helps restructure damaged hair, providing needed moisture and nourishment. Safe for radically coloured and permed hair.

Hibiscus, Henna & Primrose Hair Nourishment Conditioner 200ml £9.95 Help your hair achieve its top condition with this unique formula enriched with the natural goodness of Hibiscus and Henna, essential oils of Primrose and Almond to improve hair health from root to tip.

Indian Gooseberry, Cotton Seed Oil & Almond Oil Herbal Hair Oil 100ml £12.90 A stimulating oil to boost blood circulation and delivery of nutrients to the scalp. With use, hair is revitalised, and lost colour and strength replenished.

Body Care

Mint &  Rosemary Cleansing & Refreshing Shower Gel 200ml £9.95 Help wash away the remains of the day and soothe muscle aches and pains with this refreshing and revitalising shower gel featuring Spearmint and Rosemary Essential Oils.

About Saach Organics

Founder Harvinder remembers her mother putting oil in her hair when she was younger. Although just part of everyday life this was a valued and treasured time. The scents and textures reminded Harvinder of India. On a trip to India, Harvinder walked around the village seeing girls making potions and chatting away. She felt the urge to join in the ritual and that’s when Saach Organics was born.

Saach Organics present a four-fold truth promise, staying true to –

Ayurveda – Saach Organics formulations are based on balanced Ayurvedic traditional recipes to create natural treatments for skin and hair.

Our Earth – Saach Organics products are 100% natural, using organically grown or wildcrafted plants and herbs grown in India. Saach Organics products never contain – petrochemicals, harsh sulphates, parabens, urea, propylene glycol, animal ingredients, artificial colours or fragrance.

Animals – Saach Organics products contain no animal ingredients and none of the ingredients or products have ever been tested on animals.

You – Saach Organics brings to you the highest quality Ayurvedic products made with the purest ingredients to give you the best for your skin, hair and body. Saach Organics Ayurvedic beauty products are sold all around the world, showing that the thirst for “life knowledge” is desired globally.

Saach Organics is available from www.saachorganics.com and www.lovelula.com. For more information contact Rebecca Goodyear Health &  Beauty on pr@rebeccagoodyear.com

BodyFit Feature Freshness of the Morning in Fitness Focus

BodyFit Feature Freshness of the Morning in Fitness Focus

FoM’s Bio Active Body Polish Balm was featured on BodyFit’s Fitness Focus pages –

“Get greater post-workout skin with FoM’s rich, natural Bio Active Body Polish Balm. It helps you fight orange peel, improve your skin tone and texture, and boosts your circulation. Packed with botanical nutrients, vitamins ad nourishing actives for a gentle yet effective exfoliation. You skin is immediately smooth and more supple and over time it becomes firmer and more toned – perfect for all skin types.” Available from fomcosmetics.co.uk


JASON Vitamins Skincare – As Featured in Yoga Magazine

JASON Vitamins Skincare – As Featured in Yoga Magazine

Thanks to Yoga Magazine for running a full page on JASON Vitamins Skincare range. Featuring –

JASON Vitamin E 45,000iu Oil – a maximum strength formula for an overnight anti-ageing facial treatment

JASON Vitamin E 5,000iu Oil – an almond body oil for all over nourishment

JASON Vitamin K Lightening Creme Plus – for addressing skin tone issues, pigmentation, spider veins and broken capillaries

JASON C-Effects Anti-Ageing Cream – clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in as little as four weeks.