JĀSÖN® Wins Gold Hair Care Award at the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2016

JĀSÖN® Wins Gold Hair Care Award at the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2016

The 5th annual FreeFrom Skincare Awards were held at the Love Natural Love You show on 8th July 2016 at Olympia London. Gold, silver and bronze awards were rewarded to skincare and cosmetics products in 13 different categories. JĀSÖN’s Gluten Free Daily Shampoo was shortlisted in the Hair Care category and eventually went home with the gold award.

The FreeFrom Skin Care Awards celebrate and encourage skincare and cosmetics manufacturers who create products that exclude many of the allergens, chemicals, fragrances and artificial additives associated with skin and health concerns, ethical and environmental worries, and which may appeal to those looking for purer or more natural cosmetics and products for their skin, including those with problem skin conditions.

The JĀSÖN Gluten Free line offers a range of body and hair care products certified as gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (“GFCO”), one of the most recognized independent certifying groups. All products are fragrance free.

JĀSÖN’s Gluten Free Daily Shampoo gently cleanses without stripping your hair. The nurturing blend of Babassu Oil and Vitamin E moisturizes hair while balancing Rosemary and Chamomile calm the scalp. The shampoo makes your hair soft with a healthy luster and it is suitable for all hair types.


1959: a group of independent thinkers drew upon the pioneering spirit that was so much a part of their California heritage and set out on a road of rediscovery. Theirs was a path back to simple wholesome ingredients proven safer and proven to work together in naturally effective ways.
The JĀSÖN team meticously created body loving products – at first just for their own family and friends – staying true to the JĀSÖN Code of Honor:

  • Select safe, gentle and effective ingredients
  • Rigorously test every formula to ensure safety and efficacy
  • Never test on animals
  • Constantly innovate and improve

One generation has given way tot the next, JĀSÖN products have remained on the path forged by the brand’s founders, committed to discovering even more ways to offer personal care solutions safer for us, our families and our planet.

For all enquiries contact Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty:
+44 (0) 7734 729543

Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs: Winner of Best Superfood & Sports Supplements Category At The Free From Food Awards 2016

Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs: Winner of Best Superfood & Sports Supplements Category At The Free From Food Awards 2016

Gourmet Spirulina producers of the finest tasting Spirulina product on the market, were delighted to scoop Best Superfood & Sports Supplements Category at the Free From Food Awards 2016.

Up against some stiff competition, including a Cocoa Powder and Strawberry Flavoured Breakfast Topper, Spirulina Nibs pipped everyone to the post. One of the Judges had this to say of the product: “Love this product – OMG – fabulous! So versatile – you must try this. Very, very clever and innovative. Love the spirulina – a strong, grainy flavour like seaweed. Crispy – delicious.”

A Reminder: Just What is Spirulina?
Spirulina contains lots of iron as well as a cocktail of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin B12 and vitamin K . A superfood with many health benefits. Spirulina was a traditional foodstuff of the Aztecs and the Kanem. This microscopic equatorial alga is now mostly used as a dietary supplement. Gourmet Spirulina offers you the opportunity to discover this superfood in convenient food formats with great taste.

Random Fact: 80s pop icon turned Buddhist Boy George is a fan of the brand, and rustles up a mean Raw Avocado and Lime Cheesecake, topped with Pumpkin Seeds, Green Matcha and Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs!

What Makes Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs a Winner?
Made from the mildest tasting raw spirulina with a creamy, nutty flavour and a crunchy texture. These spirulina nibs are the ideal format for first‐time tasters of raw spirulina. They are very convenient and can be sprinkled in virtually any dish. Gourmet Spirulina dry their spirulina at less than 42°C for optimal preservation of spirulina’s natural good taste and its nutrients. By keeping temperatures so low, oxidation and enzymatic reactions are kept to an absolute minimum, which gives the very best taste and maximum nutrient content.

Gourmet Spirulina’s Raw Spirulina Nibs are produced in a humanitarian farm in Burkina Faso (West Africa). This small tropical country has the ideal sunny climate that spirulina thrives on but severe malnutrition is very common there. In a fair trade approach, our sales in the UK help the farm achieve economic viability in its mission of supplying spirulina to vulnerable people (malnourished children, people with HIV/AIDS, etc.). Spirulina will contribute a critical intake of nutrients, either for free or at a subsidized cost. On average, for each pouch of spirulina nibs that you will purchase, our partner will be able to distribute a month of daily use for a malnourished person in Burkina Faso.

This fair trade approach is certified by Made In Respect and audited by Ecocert.


About Gourmet Spirulina
Gourmet Spirulina aims to revolutionise the way people view and consume spirulina. For too long, consumers have viewed spirulina as a dietary supplement. It has been seen as either a handful of pills to be taken in the morning, or a powder to be mixed into the occasional smoothie when time permits. Gourmet Spirulina seeks to revive the traditional use of this superfood by offering the tastiest and most potent spirulina around.

There are four food products in the range; Nibs, Crunchies, Petals and Flakes are the food varieties, all made from the highest quality, raw, culinary-grade spirulina. For those who prefer their superfood nutrition on the go, Gourmet Spirulina’s Raw Spirulina is also available in tablet form.

Gourmet Spirulina is available from Wholefoods, Revital, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Infinity Foods Brighton RRP £12.95 for the food products and £14.95 for tablets.

For more information, samples, high res images contact Rebecca Goodyear PR on
me@rebeccagoodyear.com or call 07734 729 543.

UnBEElievable Announcement

UnBEElievable Announcement

UnBEElievable Health Wins Again!

UnBEElievable Health have had a great year and gone from strength to strength (literally!) as well as their rising popularity in the health supplement world. Consequently, we are proud to announce that Bee Prepared have won the Your Health Living Best Supplement & Remedies Award 2014! This is in addition to their Natural Pharmacy Award 2013 and an array of other awards in this sector including Best Immune Supplement at the 2012 Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards, Best Supplement at the 2011 Your Healthy Living Magazine Awards & Highly Commended Best New Product at the 2011 Health Food Business Awards.

Bee Prepared immune support products combine powerful anti-oxidant & bioflavonoid rich immune boosting nutrients, in therapeutic doses; all of which have a proven history of benefits. Produced by UK ethical supplements brand UnBEElievable Health, these targeted formulas, combine only the highest quality ingredients which come from hives, fields & forests. Suitable for most ages; these capsules may be opened into juice, smoothies & yogurts.

In fact, The Daily Mails hails it the ‘It Vit’. Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Forbes & Victoria Pendleton are fans too!

* BEE Prepared Daily Defence immune support- one daily to help maintain a healthy immune system.   RRP: £9.99
* BEE Prepared MAX Strength a more concentrated version which also includes Astaxanthin & Reishi   RRP: £11.99

For info please contact:  Sarah Orecchia Sarah@unbeelievablehealth.com 0207 993 2471, 07973 349 153 OR Rebecca Goodyear me@rebeccagoodyear.com


Rebecca Goodyear Voted 5th in the Who’s Who of Natural Beauty 2014

Rebecca Goodyear Voted 5th in the Who’s Who of Natural Beauty 2014


After being voted #11 in the Who’s Who of Natural in 2013, the Mystic Meg inside Rebecca predicted (whilst the real Rebecca hoped for) number 5 spot in 2014. And low and behold, where was she placed in the Natural Beauty Yearbook Who’s Who of Natural Beauty 2014?

You’ve guessed it! Number 5 is alive!

Rebecca was delighted with this position, and to share the page with two inspiration women – founder of Lucy Annabella Organics Colleen Hart and founder of Pai Skincare Sarah Brown. If you’ve not tried these exquisite organic ranges do give them a go – you will not be disappointed! If on the other hand you’re an exquisite natural or organic range of products looking for professional services, why not give us a go 🙂
Rebecca Goodyear Who's Who of Natural Beauty 2014 Natural Beauty Yearbook.