I’m not going to try to pretend like my teen years are a thing of the distant past that I look back on fondly from time to time. I just turned 21, so my teen years aren’t a distant memory at all, in fact it feels like just yesterday I was in my High School cafeteria talking to my friends about boys and our constant skin problems.

To be honest not much has changed since then. Living in America, growing up, you have this idea that once you turn 21 that you’ve made it. You’ll probably have a boyfriend, have tons of friends, and look effortlessly beautiful at all times. However, my friends and I have realised this isn’t always the case, and coming to London has thrown a wrench in the ‘effortlessly beautiful’ portion of this dream for us. I have always struggled with breakouts since I was about 13 whether they be major or minor, but the shock to my system that moving across an ocean did to me was definitely major.

For the first two months of my stay here my skin was a constant annoyance. I was breaking out on parts of my face that I never had before and my usual oil problems only got worse. I was desperate for new products to smooth, conceal and mattify and thankfully I have finally found some solace. My skin has definitely calmed down now that I am in month four of my study abroad program and I owe a lot of that to Green Energy Organics’ I Love my Greens line.

I started using the 24Hr Matte Face Cream every morning before my makeup and the Mattifying and Puriyfying Face Scrub Mask once a week. I love the texture of the face cream which I was worried would be too thick, but it absorbs quickly and moisturizes my skin perfectly which is a step many oily faced girls like me tend to skip because we think using a moisturiser will only make us shinier. This was not the case for me, and ending each Monday with a relaxing 10 minute mask has been something I look forward to after a long day of work. Both products have a clean smell, but not too scented which is something I try to avoid because my skin can also be sensitive at times, especially during the midst of a breakout.

The I Love My Green line has paired perfectly with my usual routine and arsenal of oil and breakout fighting products; thankfully Millabaci ships to America because I’m not ready to let go of these products even if I am leaving the UK..