A collection of luxury spa professional products in easy to use affordable home use sizes, designed to target your specific skincare needs. GEO Milan has been producing highly effective certified organic professional spa products for the past 20 years and now, in response to popular demand, Wilma Scarton, founder & creative director of GEO, has released a select collection of reformulated professional Spa products for easy use at home, with the same amazing results. Whether treating a specific skin condition, or you just wish to pamper yourself in the privacy of your own home, the new Home Spa Skincare Collection will prove to be an irreplaceable addition to your skincare regime.




Multi-Intensive Restorative Cream Clay £24.50

A concentrated spa-formulated restorative cream clay that softens and regenerates the skin. This luxurious clay formula nourishes, firms, and fortifies the skin, visibly improving the skin’s density and stimulating cell regeneration. Prevents and repairs stretch marks. Ideal for use during pregnancy.




Multi-Intensive Cooling Anti-Cellulite Cream Clay £24.50

A professional spa formulation of active cream clays and organic extracts designed specifically to combat unsightly cellulite. This new and revolutionary anti-cellulite treatment stimulates lipolysis in turn breaking down fat cells and eliminating toxins and excess water. Fully absorbent, no need for product removal or rinsing.



Deep Heating & Firming Cocoa Cream Clay £24 .50

A warm delicious chocolate cream clay, formulated to reduce fatty deposits and balance your skin’s pigmentation. A combination of mineral rich clays, organic extracts, and active cocoa concentrates provides a natural deep heating, stimulating drainage and restoring the skin’s firmness. A totally relaxing and skin rejuvenating experience.




Le Rituel Body Contour £27.50

A luxurious triple action anti-cellulite, firming, and reducing cream, formulated from certified organic botanicals. This simple application body contour treatment can be a highly effective addition to your normal skincare regime, combatting the appearance of cellulite and loss of skin firmness.




Le Rituel Anti-Stretch Mark £27.50

A rich, certified organic anti-stretch mark cream, with a chemical free formulation that is ideal for use during pregnancy. Suitable for all skin types, and also during puberty and a must during significant weight loss.



Available from www.millabaci.com £24.50-£27.50