AUTHOR: Suzanne Wylde

ISBN: 978 1 905367 74 0

PRICE: £14.99

PAGES: 224

FORMAT: 246 mm x 195 mm

COVER: Full colour

BINDING: Paperback

PUB DATE: 17.03.2017

Book Description

Moving Stretch® is an effective, powerful, and enjoyable program of resistance stretching that strengthens and frees the body, reconditions the body’s fascia, rejuvenates the tissue, relieves pain, and increases both strength and flexibility.  This accessible book gives easy illustrated step-by-step instructions for people who want to feel more upright, taller, more youthful and energized. By using the body’s own natural resistance, Moving Stretch can work the age and tension out of the body, rejuvenating it, boosting performance in amateur and professional athletes and restoring strength and flexibility in young and old, flexible and inflexible alike.

With many different stretches for the whole body, this book also gives you routines for specific goals such as boosting your posture, freeing office workers’ bodies, improving back health, and more. It only takes just 10-20 minutes of stretching to feel better for the rest of your day. Try Moving Stretch and you will never want to stretch “normally” again!

About the Author

Suzanne Wylde is the founder of Moving Stretch®, which grew out of her years of experience as a stretching trainer and more than ten years’ experience as a therapist. She explains how moving with tension engages the fascia and re-conditions it, freeing our bodies from tension and limitation. She has worked with clients from many backgrounds and with very different bodies, and found one thing to be universally true; a strong and flexible body with good posture, capable of powerful, subtle and coordinated movement not only helps you fulfill your physical potential, it is the basis for reaching your potential in all other ways as well. Through stretching she helps people to get rid of old patterns of tension and pain which can hold us back and make us look and feel older than we are, once again uncovering the youthful, relaxed and powerful bodies that we deserve.


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