The Secret Swiss Formula passed down through four generations – now available in the UK


 NADEBALLA’S secret recipe has been passed down from mother to daughter for four generations, spanning

Russia, Switzerland and the UK. The creams are a unique, synergistic blend of natural ingredients that
nourish, hydrate and preserve your skin regardless of age.

Delara Michault inherited the recipe from her grandmother and in 2007 started making the creams for her
family and friends, taking over from her mother who had been making them for 50 years. Using the original
Rich Night formula as a base, Delara experimented and developed lighter night and day versions. Delara
became used to making up huge batches of Nadeballa as word quickly spread. It was then that mother
(Delara) and daughter (Natalia) embarked on an incredible journey to bring the creams to the market
without compromising the ancestral recipe.

All products are handmade in small and frequent batches, ensuring that what you put on your face is truly
fresh. The only ingredients used in the creams are -­

Avocado Oil; a super skin food rich in protein, fats, sterolin, antioxidants (vitamin A, D and E), all of
which play their part in keeping skin healthy and youthful.
Almond Oil; rich in vitamins A, D and as well as oleic and linoleic acids, this oil has emollient
properties, is anti‐inflammatory as well as being a humectant.
Brightening Apricot Kernel Oil; rich in EFAs, oleic and linoleic acids, vitamin C and E.
Orange Essential Oil; promotes the production of collagen in the skin, increases blood flow to the
skin and helps sooth dry, irritated or acne-­‐prone skin.
Orange Blossom Water; rich in vitamin A, C and antioxidants, helps balance oil production in the
skin, hydrates, firms, reduces redness, boosts circulation and may help improve acne scars.
Beeswax; a natural healer with antibacterial and anti‐inflammatory properties, and a natural
humectant, emollient and skin softener (due to its vitamin A content).
Lanolin; it’s molecular structure closely resembles that of human skin, and lanolin helps skin retain
moisture by forming a breathable barrier on the skin (unlike some synthetic ingredients) that helps
protect skin from the elements.

These ingredients are of the finest quality, so as to prolong their efficacy the formulas are preserved with
1% of Preservative 12: a softer preservative, which is required to keep away bad bacteria that would
otherwise damage the benefits of the cream.



Rich Night Replenishing Cream:

The original recipe created by Dina, the great grandmother of Nadeballa’s founder. A rich cream loved by all. More suited to mature skins or those in harsh climates. Can also be used as an indulgent night cream for younger skins. 50ml, 6.8fl.oz £42.00

Customer Testimonial: “Each evening I look forward to my ritual of applying Nadeballa’s Rich Replenishing Cream, immediately after coming home from a busy workday. I can then start a relaxing evening knowing that my skin is replenishing itself. The cream truly gives me a healthy looking complexion the next day and I cannot wait to start with the day cream.” Johanna Ruys, customer in her 60’s


Day Reviving Cream:

Safeguards the skin against the stress and grime of daily life. Provides prolonged hydration to keep the skin supple and nourished. Suitable for all skin types. 50ml, 6.8fl.oz £37.00

Customer Testimonial: “I’ve been using Nadeballa creams for about a year now and absolutely love them! They give my skin the much needed moisture without without making it too oily. Since I’ve been using the creams my skin has gooen a lot less patchy and looks even toned and healthy. I also LOVE that it’s based on naturally derived ingredients that are packed with vitamins and that the creams are hand made on order. You really can’t go more natural than Nadeballa!” Sandra Halilovic, customer in her 30’s


Night Replenishing Cream:

A less intensive version of the original Rich Night Cream; made for more youthful skin, or for mature skin needing less in easier environmental conditions. 50ml, 6.8fl.oz £39.00

Beauty Review: “I have dry skin, particularly on my forehead, nose & cheeks and I struggle with it regularly. I never had this problem until I moved to England so I suspect the elements are to blame. In fact, when I lived in the Caribbean I had the opposite problem -­ incredibly oily skin. If I skip one instance of washing my make-­‐up off, moisturizing or exfoliating, I’m dealing with the aftermath for a week or more… If I’m being honest, I’d say I skip most of these on a regular basis because unfortunately, sometimes sleep outranks beauty, however when I do moisturize properly, it’s usually at night ­‐ it seems

there’s always more Cme at night than there is in the morning.With that said, I’d like to introduce you to Nadeballa… Get to know this brand!” Ashley Turner, beauty writer and customer in her 40’s

Available from nadeballa.com

Nadeballa is 100% honest about its products. Their raw materials are sourced from top end suppliers, and
neither ingredients nor final products have been tested on animals.

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