Bianca Zapatka’s ‘Vegan Foodporn: 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes’ was the best-selling vegan cookbook in Germany in 2019, and is now translated and available in English! 

Bianca is on a mission to banish many misconceptions about vegan food. This book proves that vegan food is anything but unbalanced, boring, complicated, bland, expensive or simply doesn’t taste good. 

The book shares with readers 100 x 100% plant-based quick and easy recipes, accompanied by beautiful images, to prepare delicious vegan recipes that feed the body and soul. The introduction includes a “My Vegan Kitchen” section, which is a go-to resource for anyone embarking on a vegan journey, and even includes easy substitutions for when it comes to baking. 

The recipes are categorised as: basics (vegan cheeses and nut butters anyone?), breakfast, mains, finger food, vegan classics, light meals, cakes and desserts, to make vegan hosting and entertaining look effortless. Bianca is also quick to point out that the book is aimed not just at vegans but everyone who enjoys cooking. 

Whether it’s vanilla pancakes with blueberry cream and white chocolate, burrito samosas with guacamole, tortellini with almond ricotta or chocolate peanut butter cake, Bianca shows how much fun vegan cooking can be. 

“All of these recipes are unique to my book – this isn’t a compilation of other people’s stuff!” explains the author, who also runs a popular blog. “The vegan lifestyle has moved to become a solid and credible alternative to traditional ways of eating – and all of the research points to the benefits. I have set out to remove the restrictions most people usually associate with veganism, and prove you can enjoy the same dishes and never sacrifice flavour.” 

With over 400,000 people signing up for Veganuary this year, and an estimated 50% of these maintaining the diet, it is safe to say that veganism is more than a passing trend: it is a way of life. 

Opportunities Bianca is available for email or written interview features and/or personal pieces. Certain recipes are available for content syndication. Review copies or pdf of the book are available upon request. 

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About the Author 

Bianca Zapatka is a German-based author, food stylist & photographer, recipe developer and blogger/Instagrammer, with over 625K followers on the platform. She grew up in a foodie household where everything was cooked from scratch, and has loved cooking and baking since childhood. As is apparent on her beautiful Instagram feed, food styling is a big passion of Bianca’s. 

“My goal is to inspire people to eat healthier, adding more fresh and homemade foods in their nutrition, but also to show that making anything from scratch is not as difficult as people may think”, says Bianca. 

About the Book 

‘Vegan Foodporn: 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes’, from Lotus Publishing, is available now: https://amzn.to/3c7e2Jo. 

ISBN: 978 1 913088 13 2 

Publisher’s website: http://www.lotuspublishing.co.uk/.