The best get well gifts are those that lift your spirits, let you escape for a bit with some much-deserved pampering, or serve a practical purpose”, says Anikka Burton, founder of Not Another Bunch of Flowers.

Creature comforts become so important when you’re stuck at home or in hospital recovering from surgery or childbirth, recuperating from illness, going through treatment, or eight months pregnant and barely able to move”, continues Anikka.

Although grateful to every single friend and family member who sent a bunch of flowers as a token of their well wishes, Anikka was completely inundated by bouquets after being diagnosed with cancer, So much so, that she ran out of vases, glasses, pots and pans to put them in!

“I love flowers, don’t get me wrong, and it is lovely to have a few bunches but you don’t need 20 all at the same time”, says Anikka. ‘And many people don’t know that they are now banned in many hospitals, so my friends also sent me flower deliveries following my operations that I never even got to enjoy.’

And so the lightbulb moment came for a website especially for gifts for poorly people, that helps people through the selection process to choose thoughtful and useful gifts. Anikka’s first hand experience had even given her the name for her business.

Flowers only last a week maximum so they are not a gift of longevity, and are now not welcome in many hospitals. Someone with a newborn to deal with won’t have the time to enjoy them, and there’s allergies and sensitivities to think about. It is also almost guaranteed that they will have received a few bunches already so why buy flowers when there are so many other thoughtful things you can opt for instead.

The gifts on Not Another Bunch of Flowers are handpicked with this in mind – and a proportion of all profits are donated to charities that help support patients facing challenging illnesses, conditions and diagnoses, and invest in research to help find more treatments and cures.
Traditional edible treats given as gifts, such as choccies and fruits, may also not be suitable depending on the situation. If you’re buying for someone undergoing some form of cancer treatment, it’s important to know that many patients opt to, or are recommended to, avoid ingredients such as dairy. Other patients also avoid sugar, but in Not Another Bunch of Flowers’ gift collection some luxury, low-sugar, dairy-free chocolates are included.
Toiletries are another frequent item for gifting, however many cancer patients opt or are recommended to avoid chemicals such as parabens and sulphates, and even certain natural ingredients and essential oils are best avoided. Not Another Bunch of Flowers’ body and bath gift sets all contain natural ingredients, are high quality, and make lovely, pampering gifts. Mums-to-be and new mums often go through a journey to a more natural beauty regime, so for loved ones who deserve a little pampering TLC there is a lovely selection of pampering goodies that are also natural and free from nasties. There is something for everyone.

Traditional cards with their “get well soon” messaging are often not suitable as in many cases people may not get better. Emily McDowell’s empathy cards help people to find the words that they often struggle to find.

Not Another Bunch of Flowers also offer a new bespoke gift box subscription for regular gift deliveries. The service is completely bespoke but was introduced with the intention of sending a gift to coincide with every chemotherapy session (usually 6 gifts in total with a gift sent every 3 weeks.)

All gifts from Not Another Bunch of Flowers are lovingly wrapped free of charge with a handwritten message of your choice.

Also on the site are natural fibre nightwear, pillows, quilts, jewellery, chemotherapy gifts, hospital gifts, gifts for new Mums and Mums-to-be, gifts under £10 and much more!