An Illustrated Guide to a Safe & Effective Core Training Program

As an athlete or a fitness fanatic, how much thought do you give to your core, other than the goal of getting a six pack for the summer? Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core illustrates the essential connection between functional anatomy of the body’s core and its application during Pilates’ fundamental core exercises.

Dr Evan Osar and Marylee Bussard combine the most current research around core stabilisation with six fundamental Pilates principles to offer simple, easy-to-use strategies for relieving discomfort and improving pain-free movement. The book offers both Pilates practitioners and professional teachers alike a comprehensive understanding of how the core functions and how stabilisation helps promote health and proper movement patterns through the development of balanced muscles, joint alignment, and core control.

The authors apply current research on neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to reorganise itself by developing new neural connections, and on the function of fascia, the matrix-like connective tissue of the body, to explain the six fundamental principles of Pilates – Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow. They show how to avoid muscle imbalances, chronic tightness, and pain by incorporating the principles of functional anatomy during exercise.

  • achieve the alignment, breathing, and control required for developing optimal posture and movement
  • alleviate non-optimal habits that relate to common postural dysfunction, muscle imbalances, and chronic tightness
  • integrate the fundamental Pilates exercises in order to develop a more stable core and eliminate the risks of common injuries whilst accomplishing one’s health and fitness goals.


Evan Osar, Marylee Bussard Size: 275 x 212 mm
Colour Pages: 240
ISBN: 978 1 905367 55 9 Paperback


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About the Authors

Dr Evan Osar is an internationally recognised author and industry expert in the fields of functional anatomy, corrective exercise, and functional rehabilitation and training. Osar has authored several books, manuals  and DVDs for the health and fitness professional, including the highly acclaimed Corrective Exercise Solutions to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction. He is the developer of the Integrative Movement SystemTM, a principle-based approach to training and conditioning of the general population.

Marylee Bussard has been teaching Pilates since 2003. She is a graduate of the Soma Institute for Clinical Readers will learn how to: Massage Therapy in Chicago, a certified Integrative Movement Specialist (IMS), and a certified KMI Structural Integration Practitioner.


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