I’ve loved using this facial mist over the past few weeks and it has now become part of my daily facial regimen. I thoroughly enjoy the refreshing feeling that it provides on my face and I actually think I now prefer it to Evian’s facial mist (which I always used to buy before.)

I tended to use this product first thing in the morning and whenever my skin looked dull and dry, in order to brighten up my complexion and feel ‘more-awake’. I also like the fact it’s odour-free because anything highly scented directly on the face can make you feel a bit nauseous after a while (especially with sweet scents.) The only reason why I didn’t award it 5/5 is mainly due to the retail price. I would rather spend less than £10 on this kind of a product. Most of Maya’s competitor brands range from £5-£10 instead with their similar products.

maya mist.