This is the second article in a series on the best food and beverages before and after a workout. If you haven’t read Part 1, you can find it here

After: Chicken or Hummus

hummusJust like before a workout, fuelling your body afterwards is of great importance. You need to rebuild your protein levels to regain energy and to repair and build muscle. Eating chicken will help you do that, but there is great vegetarian alternative as well: Hummus. It is made from chickpeas, which compliment your daily protein requirements and which are also a source for dietary fibre and B vitamins. In addition, hummus is dairy free and gluten free. It’s also very easy to make it yourself.

After: Quinoa

Quinoa is all the rage nowadays, and with reason. Most people eat it as an alternative for pasta, potatoes or rice because it is low in calories, but it is also full of protein. No more hungry feeling after that afternoon run or late night workout session.
Quinoa is also high in B-vitamins, calcium, fiber (almost twice as much as other grains), iron, magnesium and phosphorus. What’s not to like?!

After: Egg Muffins

Because what better food is there to get your protein requirements than actual eggs! You can always just boil an egg or make an omelette, but egg muffins are just too cute to pass on any reason to eat them.
I like mine with some bacon or mushrooms in them, but you can make them with cheese, tomatoes, spinach and all kinds of herbs depending on what mood you’re in. In any way, you’ll never have a boring breakfast or lunch again.
Egg muffins are usually baked in the over and even though it will still only take you about 20 minutes to make a batch, there are now a lot of egg muffin microwave recipes circling the internet as well. One last tip: don’t wait too long to rebuild your body after a workout. All you can think about after all that hard labour is probably taking a nice cold shower, but the longer you wait, the less efficient your body will become at putting the nutrients to work.

Obviously balance is key when it comes to food and drink, so keeping that in mind, I won’t be going on any real diet any time soon. But what I will do is try to remember the foods in this list next time I do some exercise. Otherwise, what’s the point in putting in the effort if your body won’t actually benefit from it?!