Sorry we’re a little late sharing March themes, the truth is we’ve been very busy! Remember, we’re always keen to have our fans and friends’ input into the themes for #beautybabble, so if you do have a topic you long to talk about – tweet it or email it to hi@rebeccagoodyear.com

Now, without any further ado, here are the topics for March’s #beautybabble

7th March – Sleep Awareness Week – we talk all things sleep – prescription meds, natural remedies, beds, sleep habits & hygiene, and of course beauty products that get to work whilst you sleep.

14th March – Skincare Special – it’s a while since we discussed one of our favourite beauty topics, so join us and share your favourite brands, DIY recipes, tips and more. Bring your questions too, and ask away!

21st March – Award-Winning & Award-Worthy Beauty – to coincide with the announcement of the Biteable Best of Beauty 2016 awards, we share with you the winners and highly commended products, and ask you which products are winners in your beauty books!

28th March – No #BeautyBabble – we take a break for the Easter weekend