Collaboration_at_Work1. Don’t underestimate the power of collaboration!

Even when working on independent projects, bouncing ideas off others can help you find the missing link to best articulate your idea and see how your ideas are perceived from a different perspective. Not only may this help you find the perfect word to craft that tweet, but it’s also a little check on whether the tone of your content or social media output hits the sweet spot.

2. Get the biggest task out of the way first.

Of course this seems like common sense, but when organising your day it is often tempting to try and get the ‘little’ or quick tasks out of the way first to cross off more on your to-do list! However, focusing in on a substantial task first thing, whilst still fresh, means you complete both it and the smaller tasks later more effectively. Completing the smaller tasks afterwards not only makes them feel easier but also minimises the loss of focus when switching.

3. Break things down and give yourself a time limit.

Setting yourself mini-deadlines breaks up the day and ultimately helps you be more productive. A little planned pressure helps you avoid spending too long on certain tasks and ensures you have a clear vision of your goals for the day. As the saying goes, “If you want something, done ask a busy person”; whilst overloading your schedule is not ideal, deadlines can help you to maximise the time you do have.

Rebeccas_Sound_Station4. Music works wonders.

Having always been a person who thought I worked better without music, I was pleasantly surprised that it actually really helped me to focus and ‘get in the zone’ on tasks whilst also generally feeling more creatively inspired! Although classical music is widely known to improve concentration, I found that most mellow beats did the trick – although curiously other people’s music seemed to work better. It’s worth giving a colleagues favourite playlist a listen or searching for some compilations of relaxing, undiscovered gems on Youtube or Spotify.

5. A zen-like workspace will help you to work so much better!Pacifica_Room_Fragrance

There’s no need to rearrange your workspace according to feng shui principles – indeed it may even be impossible – but a clean and clutter free desk will do wonders for concentration and productivity. Light, airy surroundings help you feel more alert and having desk essentials organised in front of you help you literally and metaphorically see what needs to be done by clearing your head space of distractions. I also love Rebecca’s idea of keeping some reed diffusers in the office to always keep it beautifully fragranced! If it’s feasible, keeping a plant in the office also functions as both decoration and brain food by oxygenating your surroundings.