Next week began with a quick visit to Selfridges’ Beauty department to set up some visual merchandising for Antipodes. Rebecca and I dressed the trestle tables ready for the Antipodes mini facials. Meanwhile I also tried out some of the products, which unsurprisingly smelled absolutely gorgeous (although as I would find out later that afternoon, this is not how you should choose your cosmetics!) The amazing texture of the Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream made it a particular favourite.


Later on, it was back to Highgate to work on some blog posts and Pinterest hair boards for JASON’s #LoveYourLocks campaign before meeting Kris D’Amour in the afternoon.

LoveYourLocks Social Media Campaign1

We were really excited to meet Kris and his business partner, who had travelled all the way from Leeds to discuss PR for his luxury skincare brand, Kris D’Amour, and to attend the London Beauty Bloggers Meetup that evening. 

Kris is a medical scientist with several years’ experience conducting cancer research. This, combined with trying to find solutions for his own enduring problems with eczema and acne inspired him to develop a range of products to treat skin naturally with bio-scientifically proven extracts. Kris’s passion for using only the highest quality active ingredients really came across. He highlighted the advantages of argan and lavender over shea butter and olive oils, and the fact that the latter may cause skin problems despite the fact that both are ‘natural’. Indeed, his own formulas are super-saturated with active ingredients rather than using cheaper or ‘filler’ alternatives found in many skincare products.

Considering the quality and growing size of the Kris D’Amour Collection, I was in awe of the fact that at present the company is run almost entirely from Kris’ Leeds home; incorporating all processes from production to packaging design and assembly. However Kris acknowledged that whilst he enjoys nothing more than developing new products, as the business grows Kris D’Amour needs to invest in marketing and devise a strategy to do these luxury products justice/let the brand obtain the exposure it deserves.

Afterwards we headed onto the Tube, arms laden with baskets overflowing with beauty goodies, to the Beauty Bloggers Meetup at the Plum and Spilt Milk Bar, in the Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross. We were joined by nine other London bloggers, who were also kind enough to share some pearls of wisdom to a newcomer about starting out on the blogging scene.  Kris gave a dynamic presentation of his products and alongside a more condensed summary of the brand’s philosophy and ideals. Finally, it was time for questions and to sample the products! I tested out the Balancing Face Moisturiser (with Juniper Berry, Petitgrain, Patchouli and Lavender oils) and the 100% Natural Face Cleanser – one of Kris’ favourite innovations. The moisturiser was light and rapidly absorbed, without leaving a hint of greasiness on my skin. Having combination skin, the overly greasy and sticky formula of many moisturisers seems to exacerbate skin problems – so this product was a revelation!  Meanwhile, I loved the formula of the Natural Face Cleanser. The product has a luxurious mousse-like consistency which when combined with water forms a cleanser. This formula also has the plus of being super-economical, as a tiny amount of mousse goes a long way.


Chatting with and sharing ideas with other Beauty Bloggers was a highlight of the evening though, and I’m looking forward to hopefully attending another event soon!