Gourmet Spirulina producers of the finest tasting Spirulina product on the market, were delighted to scoop Best Superfood & Sports Supplements Category at the Free From Food Awards 2016.

Up against some stiff competition, including a Cocoa Powder and Strawberry Flavoured Breakfast Topper, Spirulina Nibs pipped everyone to the post. One of the Judges had this to say of the product: “Love this product – OMG – fabulous! So versatile – you must try this. Very, very clever and innovative. Love the spirulina – a strong, grainy flavour like seaweed. Crispy – delicious.”

A Reminder: Just What is Spirulina?
Spirulina contains lots of iron as well as a cocktail of antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin B12 and vitamin K . A superfood with many health benefits. Spirulina was a traditional foodstuff of the Aztecs and the Kanem. This microscopic equatorial alga is now mostly used as a dietary supplement. Gourmet Spirulina offers you the opportunity to discover this superfood in convenient food formats with great taste.

Random Fact: 80s pop icon turned Buddhist Boy George is a fan of the brand, and rustles up a mean Raw Avocado and Lime Cheesecake, topped with Pumpkin Seeds, Green Matcha and Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs!

What Makes Gourmet Spirulina Raw Spirulina Nibs a Winner?
Made from the mildest tasting raw spirulina with a creamy, nutty flavour and a crunchy texture. These spirulina nibs are the ideal format for first‐time tasters of raw spirulina. They are very convenient and can be sprinkled in virtually any dish. Gourmet Spirulina dry their spirulina at less than 42°C for optimal preservation of spirulina’s natural good taste and its nutrients. By keeping temperatures so low, oxidation and enzymatic reactions are kept to an absolute minimum, which gives the very best taste and maximum nutrient content.

Gourmet Spirulina’s Raw Spirulina Nibs are produced in a humanitarian farm in Burkina Faso (West Africa). This small tropical country has the ideal sunny climate that spirulina thrives on but severe malnutrition is very common there. In a fair trade approach, our sales in the UK help the farm achieve economic viability in its mission of supplying spirulina to vulnerable people (malnourished children, people with HIV/AIDS, etc.). Spirulina will contribute a critical intake of nutrients, either for free or at a subsidized cost. On average, for each pouch of spirulina nibs that you will purchase, our partner will be able to distribute a month of daily use for a malnourished person in Burkina Faso.

This fair trade approach is certified by Made In Respect and audited by Ecocert.


About Gourmet Spirulina
Gourmet Spirulina aims to revolutionise the way people view and consume spirulina. For too long, consumers have viewed spirulina as a dietary supplement. It has been seen as either a handful of pills to be taken in the morning, or a powder to be mixed into the occasional smoothie when time permits. Gourmet Spirulina seeks to revive the traditional use of this superfood by offering the tastiest and most potent spirulina around.

There are four food products in the range; Nibs, Crunchies, Petals and Flakes are the food varieties, all made from the highest quality, raw, culinary-grade spirulina. For those who prefer their superfood nutrition on the go, Gourmet Spirulina’s Raw Spirulina is also available in tablet form.

Gourmet Spirulina is available from Wholefoods, Revital, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and Infinity Foods Brighton RRP £12.95 for the food products and £14.95 for tablets.

For more information, samples, high res images contact Rebecca Goodyear PR on
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