The hair reviver – Packed with plant oils, this gorgeous smelling hair serum is the natural answer to parched locks. Star ingredients include Buriti Oil to strengthen and smooth, passionflower oil to encourage growth, and jojoba oil to add shine and softness. Extremely versatile, you can use it as an intensive prewash treatment or as a styling aid, or simply add a couple of drop to your regular shampoo or conditioner.”

The hay fever helper – If hay fever’s making your summer a misery, try this special formulation from acclaimed supplement brand Terranova – one of only a few companies in Europe to completely avoid the use of fillers, binders and other inactive additives in supplements. Containing the best antihistamines and anti-inflammatories Nature has to offer, including quercetin, nettle, bromelain and vitamin C – all backed by scientific evidence – these capsules could help beat classic smptoms like a runny nose, itchy throat and watery eyes.”