The Rise & Rise of Dr Bronner’s To A Global Household Name

STOP PRESS: Dr Bronner’s Soap featured on ITV’s Big Box Little Box this month, a new six part primetime factual entertainment format “that takes the modern phenomenon of customer reviews to the next level.” Featuring ordinary families from across the UK, the program captures on camera their reaction as they test a wide range of everyday products. Entertaining, funny and informative, the households give a real life take on the latest items being marketed in the UK.

The households put the Lavender Dr Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soap to the test, and displayed a whole array of uses on the show, including –

  • household cleaning
  • beard wash
  • body wash
  • hand wash
  • washing up
  • aromatherapy
  • pet washing

One lady tester commented “ooh it smells good”, and whilst a young man living in a shared house didn’t get on with cleaning his teeth with the Lavender flavour “it tastes sort of like sambuca“, his flatmate declared “it cleaned the toilet really well”. As for their other flatmate who commented “you shouldn’t be able to put something that you clean the toilet with in your mouth“, we reply “WHY NOT“?! We would like to recommend to the first chap that the Peppermint flavour is far superior for brushing your teeth, just ask Eminem!

To catch the full program, click here to watch on ITV player here. Dr Bronner’s features from 13’56 till 15’22..