How To Really Stick To Your Diet – by Ru Anderson

How To Really Stick To Your Diet – by Ru Anderson

I was asked yesterday what I thought it takes to successfully stick to an improved diet. My answer, to keep it VERY SIMPLE.

As a coach I’m always researching the latest studies and techniques being used in the health and fitness industry. Of course, you’d expect me to be doing this, as I want to stay ahead in my area of specialty. Although new information is always useful, I’ve come to realise that nobody is ever going to re-invent the wheel.
There’s a reason why I don’t write about the latest trending topic like ‘carb cycling’ or ‘alternative day fasting’ any more. Because it will never beat keeping your diet as simple as possible and sticking to the fundamentals. This was just recently reinforced to me, when a HPL member, Jola, contacted me to say she had lost 2 stones in less than three months. I asked Jola what information or guidance I had given her that helped the most with losing weight.

“What helped me the most?” Here’s her reply:-

  • food preparation;

  • having consistency in eating small daily meals;

  • drinking 2 litres of water each day;

  • daily exercise such as cycling to work and back;

  • eating more protein and lots of fruit and vegetables;

  • sleeping 8 hours per night;

  • visual motivation through the HPL community – inspired by other people’s success;

  • staying positive and realising that it will take time to lose weight”

That’s the power of keeping your diet as simple as possible for maximum results.

There’s no mention of tracking food intake, calories counting, food restriction, excessive gym routines or gimmick supplement plans. And Jola didn’t need to starve, or follow a boring meal plan, and she definitely didn’t stop eating her favourite foods. Instead, she decided upon the key areas of her current diet and lifestyle routine that were holding her back the most, and applied some basic daily new habits to combat them.

Not only did Jola focus on the ideal starting point for her; she made small and incremental changes at first. It wasn’t a total diet and lifestyle overhaul that was required, it was simply the application of a few improved daily habits. This is essential if you really want to stick to a better diet. Because motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.
So you too must identify, implement, and maintain the habits necessary for creating the results you want, while learning how to let go of any negative habits which are holding you back from achieving your true potential.
Whether you realize it or not – your body, your health – has been, and will continue to be, created by your habits.

If you don’t control your habits, your habits will control you. The problem is, most of us have never thought about tackling our nutrition like this before. It’s usually a single focus around boring meal plans, tedious training programmes and food restriction. Because we have never learned to master our habits, most people fail at virtually every attempt to control them, time and time again.

Why is it so difficult to implement and sustain the habits we need to be in shape, healthy, happy and successful? Well, our existing habits have become so reinforced through endless repetition that they have become very difficult to change. One of the primary reasons most people fail to create and sustain new habits is because they don’t know what outcome to expect, and they don’t have an effective strategy in place to work through hard times.

This lead to two key problems:

  1. They change too many habits at once
  2. They don’t give the new habit enough time

Both result in quickly returning to old, bad habits!

My personal experience and the real world results I’ve seen working with hundreds of coaching clients has led me to the conclusion that it can take around 30 days to change a habit. Also, the primary focus should be only on one habit at a time. Focusing on too many habit changes at once can lead to failed attempts after failed attempts. I encourage you to apply this same approach to adapting your diet and lifestyle.

So how can you become a master of your own habits?
You’ll succeed with the help of an effective, proven strategy. It should include the correct information, some guidance and a great community to provide the support you’ll need.

High Performance Living by Ru Anderson

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Ru Anderson is a performance nutritionist, writer, speaker, competitive athlete, and owner of Exceed Nutrition. He helps motivated and driven people to be at their best, to look, feel, and perform better all day every day. Anderson is also the founder of Exceed Nutrition, an online nutrition coaching website. Anderson has also toured the UK to deliver his High Performance Living nutrition seminar.

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Bulldog Natural Skincare – Original Moisturiser

Bulldog Natural Skincare – Original Moisturiser

Whether you’re male or female, I’m sure you will have heard of Bulldog Natural Skincare. Bulldog was founded in 2005 by Simon Duffy.  All products contain a unique blend of essential oils and plenty of other healthy natural ingredients. One of the best things about Bulldog, is the fact that anyone can use it. Bulldog Natural Skincare are approved by the Vegetarian Society in the UK and all of their products are vegan and vegetarian friendly; the range of male grooming products is even certified Cruelty Free.

Male skincare is the main attention when it comes to this brand. It targets specific issues for male skin, be it pH balance, dry skin or oiliness. It’s rare to find products which focus exclusively on male skin, even rarer for them to be natural or organic as well. Whilst some experts might say there’s no need for men to use different products to women, I’m happy to say I’ve found a man’s moisturiser that’s just right for me.

First things first, the packaging. Simple, yet perfect. Bulldog doesn’t go for an extravagant or over the top look. As a man myself, I care far more about the quality of the product, rather than the design of it. The product worked great for my skin. Bulldog quickly became a part of my morning ritual, ensuring my face was feeling happy every morning. It wasn’t one of those moisturisers that left your skin feeling damp and oily, quite the opposite.

After every use of this moisturiser my skin felt revitalised and refreshed; I didn’t feel clogged down by artificial ingredients. The only thing I could complain about was there wasn’t enough product in one bottle! I must admit however, although there wasn’t a great amount, it did go a very long way; lasting me over two months. Which is incredible when you consider the price – just £6 for 100ml!

Recommend it? Of course I would, it’s great. Especially when it comes down to the fact that there aren’t that many natural products just for men. When a product works so great for you, why leave it? If you want a product that doesn’t clog down your face and one that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, then Bulldog is just for you. A straightforward skincare brand, and an all-around good product.

Have you tried this product before? Tell us what you think..

Review: A Great Team – How Nutrabiotics & Nadeballa Helped Me to Calm My Skin (by Taylor)

Review: A Great Team – How Nutrabiotics & Nadeballa Helped Me to Calm My Skin (by Taylor)

As I enter my early twenties I have recently grown more of an interest in what I put in my body and what I put on my skin. I’ve realised these two concepts are of equal importance, and it’s time for me to do my research and look into brands that will be good for my skin down the road. It was with this idea in mind that I began using the Nadeballa Night Replenishing Cream. This cream used through 4 generations of the Nadeballa women is mostly natural (bar a gentle preservative), and usually for more mature skin but it has been the perfect night cream for me. Prior to Nadeballa I was using the same lotion at night and in the morning before my makeup, but the intense moisture that I receive at night from using this cream now has been quite the treat.

In the past I shied away from heavy moisturisers because I have oily skin, but with much reluctance I have realised that even oily skinned girls like myself need to moisturise. In fact a good moisturiser can even balance your natural oils and decrease the shiny face look that I struggle with. The cream has done this for me as well as smoothed some of those early fine lines I have convinced myself I see on my forehead.

The Nadeballa Night Replenishing Cream is the perfect way to end my day. I love the luxurious almost balm like texture and the fresh citrus scent is very pleasing to the senses. I would recommend this or any of the other Nadeballa products to anyone who wishes to revamp their moisturising routine or to simply indulge a little.

In combination with my Nadeballa cream I started using Nutrabiotics Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement. I normally take a supplement of this sort in the States, where I permanently reside, but I failed to pick one up before traveling to the UK. Upon arrival my skin and hair revolted against me and my normal routine was failing me. In came Nutrabiotics and their high in Biotin product for healthy hair, skin, and nails. The supplement has been the perfect addition to my new and existing beauty routine..

Review: The Green Energy Organics I Love My Green Line (by Taylor)

Review: The Green Energy Organics I Love My Green Line (by Taylor)

I’m not going to try to pretend like my teen years are a thing of the distant past that I look back on fondly from time to time. I just turned 21, so my teen years aren’t a distant memory at all, in fact it feels like just yesterday I was in my High School cafeteria talking to my friends about boys and our constant skin problems.

To be honest not much has changed since then. Living in America, growing up, you have this idea that once you turn 21 that you’ve made it. You’ll probably have a boyfriend, have tons of friends, and look effortlessly beautiful at all times. However, my friends and I have realised this isn’t always the case, and coming to London has thrown a wrench in the ‘effortlessly beautiful’ portion of this dream for us. I have always struggled with breakouts since I was about 13 whether they be major or minor, but the shock to my system that moving across an ocean did to me was definitely major.

For the first two months of my stay here my skin was a constant annoyance. I was breaking out on parts of my face that I never had before and my usual oil problems only got worse. I was desperate for new products to smooth, conceal and mattify and thankfully I have finally found some solace. My skin has definitely calmed down now that I am in month four of my study abroad program and I owe a lot of that to Green Energy Organics’ I Love my Greens line.

I started using the 24Hr Matte Face Cream every morning before my makeup and the Mattifying and Puriyfying Face Scrub Mask once a week. I love the texture of the face cream which I was worried would be too thick, but it absorbs quickly and moisturizes my skin perfectly which is a step many oily faced girls like me tend to skip because we think using a moisturiser will only make us shinier. This was not the case for me, and ending each Monday with a relaxing 10 minute mask has been something I look forward to after a long day of work. Both products have a clean smell, but not too scented which is something I try to avoid because my skin can also be sensitive at times, especially during the midst of a breakout.

The I Love My Green line has paired perfectly with my usual routine and arsenal of oil and breakout fighting products; thankfully Millabaci ships to America because I’m not ready to let go of these products even if I am leaving the UK..

Review: Nadeballa Rich Night Replenishing Cream (by Miss T)

Review: Nadeballa Rich Night Replenishing Cream (by Miss T)

While my head and heart loved the idea of coming to the UK to temporarily experience the exciting life of a Faux Londoner, my skin absolutely disliked the sudden change to being exposed to ever-changing weathers, serious pollution (probably TMI, but how scary is that black dust in the nostrils at the end of the day?!) and, last but not least, the British tap water.

My skin has always been rather dry and sensitive, which is why moisturisers have to meet a long list of criteria before I will let them anywhere near my skin. Mainly for this reason and the fear of having bad skin reactions, I rarely try out new products (“Never change a winning team”). For the last couple of months I have been struggling with regular breakouts and random dry spots in the most random places on my skin. As I was not able to get my skin under control, I changed back and forth between being annoyed and desperate.

And then along came Nadeballa. Very intrigued by the pure and natural formula and the positive reviews of their face creams, I was excited to try their creams myself. In the hope that it would eliminate the dry spots on my face, I decided to put their Rich Night Replenishing Cream to the test.

What Nadeballa say about this product:

“The original recipe as it was created by Dina. Can be used by all, but most suitable for use in harsh conditions, like extreme heat or cold. Or for more mature skin that needs a more intensive daily skin care. Provides a high dose of hydration and nourishment at night when your skin can absorb all the ingredients whilst it is replenishing itself.” 

* * * *

The packaging:

The cream comes in a white plastic pod with a screw-on lid. Admittedly, cream pods are not my favourite kind of packaging as you either need a cosmetic spatula or cotton buds to take product out of it. But word on the street is that Nadeballa are working on a new, refillable product packaging.

The cream:

Containing only 9 (!) natural ingredients, including sweet almond oil, avocado oil, beeswax and citrus fruit, the cream offers a simple yet nutritious formula. Based on its natural ingredients, the cream has a pastel yellow colour and a very gentle, citrus-like smell. In fact, its smell makes me walk down memory lane as it reminds me of a propolis cream my parents would buy at a beekeeper’s stand at our local farmers’ market when I was a little girl. The consistency of the cream is a mixture of firm and soft and turns oily once it comes in contact with body warmth.

My experience:

I have been using the Rich Night Replenishing Cream for about 4 weeks now and all I can say is:  I am impressed! Every night after I have removed my eye makeup and cleansed my face (with hamam olive soap), I massage about a pea-sized (a big pea, though) amount of cream into my skin. The cream soaks in very quickly and leaves the skin feeling relaxed, nourished and plump. So far, it has not helped me fight my skin’s breakouts but has definitely improved its overall appearance and eliminated the random dry spots on my face after the first use! Also, even though I specifically use the cream at night, I could well use it as a day cream without looking like an oil slick – mainly because my dry skin is more than happy about this good portion of moisture.

Although a little of the cream goes a very long way, especially as it melts with the warmth of the hands, I have already gone through half of my 15ml pod by week 4. I blame it on my dry and greedy skin, which absorbs the cream like a sponge. Since dividing the amount of cream used in half did not work out – it made the act of spreading the cream rather difficult – I will have to stick to my big-pea-sized cream blob.

Oh, and on another note: Being in my mid-twenties, I actually do not spend too much time thinking about wrinkles or using anti-ageing products. Until now. Since I have been using the night cream, my “thinking and astonishment wrinkle”, a horizontal line on my forehead, looks thinner and  less deep. Again: I am impressed!

Putting Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps to the Test: Make-up Brush Cleanser

Putting Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps to the Test: Make-up Brush Cleanser

With its unique “All-One” philosophy, Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps offer you 18-in-1 uses. And still, as if having an all-purpose cleaner for face, body, and your home would not be enough, many Dr Bronner’s fans all around the world come up with their own ideas of how to further use the brand’s soaps. One of the many great uses that has recently proven quite popular in the beauty community is turning the Magic Soaps into make-up brush cleansers. Very curious about the results, I gave it try myself and ran my make-up brushes a Dr Bronner’s bath.

The Test-Takers:

  • 2 eye make-up brushes (1 made of synthetic, 1 made of a blend of goat hair and synthetic bristles)
  • 1 concealer brush (synthetic bristles)
  • 1 blush/ contour brush (synthetic bristles)

I have mainly used my brushes to apply powder products, such as eyeshadows and blushes. Merely the small concealer brush has been used with creamy textures. Hence, with regard to the products Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap had to deal with, I think I have created an ideal basis to start from.

To begin with, I used lukewarm water to make my brushes damp and prepare them for the “lathering” that should follow. After that, I poured 2-3 droplets of the Dr Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid Soap (a tiny, tiny bit goes a long way!) into the palm of my hand and started swirling each brush until the soap formed a soft and gentle foam. Soon, the foam would change its colour from white to beige and light pink, respectively, and show its cleansing powers. So far, so good. Following this, I rinsed my brushes under clear, lukewarm water and made sure that no soap would remain in the bristles.

Shaping and laying the brushes out carefully to let them air dry, I could already tell that Dr Bronner’s has done a really good job. The bristles were squeaky clean and I could not detect any coloured spots in the bristles that would indicate remains of make-up products. Once they were dried, I was more than happy with the result:

The dry and freshly cleaned brushes confirmed my first impression. Plus, in comparison to many other products especially made for deep cleansing make-up brushes, the liquid soap left the bristles feeling soft and flexible. However, there is still one point I am rather displeased with: While my synthetic make-up brushes look “So Fresh and So Clean, Clean…”, my eyeshadow brush made of a blend of real and synthetic hair seems to have suffered from the soapy treatment. It looked more tousled and a bit out of shape.

In general, I am surprised how well Dr Bronner’s liquid soap works for deep cleansing make-up brushes. From now on, I will definitely use the Baby Mild soap to clean my brushes.