WAnca Grigoras-metta-skincare-formula-botanica-rebecca-goodyearhilst working as an Occupational Health & Safety Consultant Anca Grigoras, 38, learnt about the negative effects chemicals may have on our bodies through prolonged and repeated exposure. But it was when she worked on a project overseeing the cleanup operations after a major marine oil spill that she realised that she wanted to start not just a natural skincare line, but a business that promotes kindness and socially – and environmentally – responsible behaviour.

Anca set about researching courses to set her on the right path, and stumbled upon Formula Botanica, the online organic cosmetic science school. She was very excited when she found Formula Botanica because, unlike most other courses she had found at the time of making her research, Formula Botanica focuses exclusively on natural formulation.


Formula-Botanica logoPrior to enrolling, Anca had already been experimenting with natural formulation for a few years and the more she learnt about it, the more she fell in love with the craft. Anca was also very impressed with the results and the way natural ingredients helped her overcome various long-term skin problems.

It took Anca about 6 months to complete the Diploma course but she is still a Formula Botanica student and continues to study other courses to further her learning.

“As a small start-up business, there are always challenges”, says Anca. Anca cites her main obstacles as “limited resources”, namely time, people and finances, but also sees these as “a great opportunity to learn how to be creative in finding different solutions and how to focus on what will have the most impact”.

logo-metta-skincareThe name of the brand, Mettā, means loving-kindness. It is an ancient style of meditation which encourages a sense of belonging and interconnectedness with other living beings. This philosophy is reflected in Anca’s brand; of it she says- “with mass-produced goods so omnipresent in our lives, I think we’ve become disconnected from the fact that there are real people behind every product we use”.

To produce Mettā products, Anca sources ingredients directly from growers. This serves a triple purpose:

  • it ensures the best quality and freshness, which in turn affect the efficacy of the products
  • it supports sustainable agriculture and small-scale, usually family-owned, farms who preserve traditional farming techniques and skill
  • it reconnects the people who use the products to those who produce the ingredients

When asked what her favourite things about her job and lifestyle today are, Anca replied – “being able to make something that gives me great joy and that has a positive impact on other people’s lives. I am also very grateful for having connected and even made friends with  so many amazingly talented, kind, passionate, caring and thoughtful people in the green beauty community”.

On the downside, Anca says she has so many ideas she would like to make happen, so there is often a clash between the creative and the business-owner inside her!

Her advice for anyone starting out in business: “start small, stay focused and build a strong relationship with the people who resonate with your products and brand”.

Mettā Skincare is currently sold in Anca’s native Australia as well as the US, and Anca is also in negotiations with retailers in other countries. The business has experienced steady growth during the first two years and the forecast is to double the revenue during the third (current) year. Anca also shared with us that “approximately 85% of those who have bought Mettā products online have become repeat customers”.


About Formula Botanica

Formula Botanica, the ODLQC accredited Online Organic Cosmetic Science School founded in 2012 with over 1500 students and graduates in 86 countries.

Director of Formula Botanica Lorraine Dallmeier BSc (HONS) MSc MIEMA MRSB CEnv, a Biologist by training, developed a love of plants for cosmetic application after working in the field of environmental management for over a decade. Lorraine is a Chartered Environmentalist, as well as a full Member of the Royal Society of Biology, the Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment.

Formula Botanica’s virtual HQ is located in the UK but they are an international Organic Cosmetic Science School with an international team of experts. There are 10 digital courses at present, 100% online, which students can study at their own pace in their own time. The courses teach everything you need to know in order to go from complete beginner to organic cosmetic formulator and teacher. Many graduates have used their courses to successfully launch or grow their own cosmetics business. They fly the flag for organic and natural skincare all over the world and are ambassadors for a healthier, safer way of life.

Lorraine Dallmeier of Formula Botanica is available for expert comment on beauty formulas, ingredients, both synthetic and natural, beauty and business advice.

Business case studies and success stories are available for placement.

For all enquiries contact Rebecca Goodyear Health & Beauty:
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